Any proper androgynous fashion options?

I need help knowing how to dress for this to work, but when I look up "androgynous clothing" all I get is women in boyish clothes and hardly any options for the opposite. Especially when it comes to formal wear. Can any of you help me find properly androgynous stuff to pull of the look I'm going for?

Okay, I did totally neglect to expand properly on this. I'm looking for the kind of thing that I can wear on a day to day basis – nothing too unconventional I guess, just clothes that make me lean more feminine and less masculine – and maybe, if possible, some formal wear (which would kind of have to be somewhat unconventional to work).


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  • I expanded your search to "Androgynous clothing for guys" and got a good response.

    • Actually, I had tried that already but a lot of that stuff seems kinda weird (like the kind of thing you'd see at one of those wacky fashion shows) and not exactly stuff you'd wear on a day to day basis or to a formal event...

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • Try going on Pinterest and looking up 'androgynous guys', you might find some options there.


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  • but military clothing like combat shoes, they are unisex.