Girls, Grey hair and beard , is it a turn off?

Girls if a guy has greying chest and shoulders hairs and some grey hairs in his beard stubble then what should he do?
Does grey body hair and beard stubble look ugly?


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  • it doesn't look bad... its one of those things u can't realy control, unless u want to dye it.
    but it is not a turn off at all. sometimes it even looks sexy..

    • I guess lot of chest hair is imtelf bad and ugly and if it is somewhat grey and somewhat dark then it looks more creepy

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    • Okay ma'am

    • Thanks for MHGirl:)


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  • NOOOO. Silver foxes are very attractive, especially if can pull the look off. Styling the hair may help.

    • Dear I am talking about grey hair on the body as in upper chest /shoulders and beards. lol

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    • So?
      Shave the chest and shoulders then?

  • At mid to late 20's. Yeah it kinda is

    • Yeah almost 29.
      Grey chest hairs look ugly?

    • And what's the solution? Colour them or wax them?