Bad hair cut (very short bangs) - I have very long hair.\?

I don't think long hair goes well with very short bangs. -__-" .. My new hairstylist made a mistake. It looks very bad - now I don't know what to do with them. (I can't pin them back) I'm really hating this..

Any hairstyle ideas.


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  • I have seen many girls pull it off. I couldn't tell in your case as I'm imagining a random person in my head. :]


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  • headbands work well. Also bangs tend to flow better sometimes when hair is halfway pulled up. You can also use accessories in your hair to take away the attention from your bangs.

    Im so sorry to hear about that. I once was in a similar situation and it made me look about 5 years younger! Good luck with it and don't worry too much. Hair grows pretty quick!