Does anyone else find Vaseline (or 100% petroleum jelly) to be extremely effective for their skin?

I put it on every night and my acne has gotten under control. But so many other people says it clogs their pores and made their acne worse. You can try it for your acne but take my word for it. Does anyone else find it to be effective in a good way?


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  • Yes, I do. I have terribly eczema which breaks out in patches along my elbows, hands, and body. My medicinal cream helps, but is awfully drying to the skin. So I use vaseline to add additional moisture (put it on before bed and soon as I get up) and it really softens those rough patches well.
    I use it on my feet in the summer when I'm walking bare foot, as they tend to get dry. Vaseline is definitely my go to product for my dry skin.


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  • i use it as lip balm because it makes my lips smooth immediately and also on my feet!!! i always make sure to never run out of it

  • My sister had bought a big jar from Saudi and I liked that one. It was super soft and thin but the ones in here have different texture and it just sat on my skin.

    But recently I heard those are not good for your skin. So I stopped using them.