So, I'm ugly... now what?

I know with 100% certainty that I'm ugly. In the future I'm planning on having some facial surgery, but until then, how should I deal with this?

Don't get me wrong, I know personality is the most important. However, most of my friends are good looking and I often feel left behind because of this. I know that I will find someone some day. It's just hard, you know?


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  • Firstly as in most cases I am sure that you are not as bad as you think. Secondly at the risk of this sounding like a cliche, it isn't always what's on the outside that counts. Your personality accounts for a lot. For people that get down on you because of your looks well they are not worth hanging around with. You need to be with people who appreciate you. If its about finding a guy then I think you will be surprised that not all guys are shallow and they can see beyond appearances.


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  • Looks isn't everything, personality can determine long term relationships look is only good for short term relationships its just physical attraction. Lower your standards you can find someone...

  • post a pic so we can see, I bet your not ugly

  • good question now what

    • Well, it just seems like I get left behind in some parts of life, and I think my looks have something to do with that. I have friends, but everyone cares SO MUCH about appearance. I try my hardest, but it's just not naturally there for me.

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    • Huh, I'd say 30 for looks, personality 70. But maybe that's just me.

    • In a semi-perfect world I would agree with you but when you look at someone the average person only see looks

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  • If your friends leave you out of stuff because they put a big emphsis on looks, just tell them you don't think you're the best you can be. Ask them for tips, and ask them to help you with a makeover. Tell them you want to change your appearance, and want a full makeover. As your friends, they should love the idea and be willing to help you out. If they gave you the idea of how you should dress and what kind of make up you wear, they should have no reason to leave you out anymore.

    Of course, don't change your personality, and if you feel uncomfortable in what you're friends think you should have, then just ignore that idea. The goal is to stay comfortable in your own skin.

    And your still under 18, your structure can still change slightly. And your body shape will still definitely change. No reason the settle on ugly yet. You could still blossom.

  • Why do you think you're ugly?

    • The general shape of my face. Especially my profile. My nose is long a pointy, and my chin is long and I have small lips. Sometimes I think that I look OK from the front, but then a picture is posted of me from the side and it shocks me :/

  • Take care of your body and keep it healthy.

    Dress nicely and flattering. Try to keep up with the latest styles and accentuate your figure.

    Make sure your hair always looks nice.

    Wear makeup, don't overdo it though.

    Have a good attitude.

    Don't sleep around with guys to get attention, be respectable. I'm not trying to be mean but a lot of girls who don't feel pretty allow guys to use them, it won't make them like you any more than not sleeping with them would.

    If you are still young the shape of your face can change. When I was younger I felt ugly because my features were oddly placed. Your face may not be done growing. My face started looking better around 13/14 and I got pretty around 17/18. Certain facial features look better as you develop.