Should I wear makeup to match my skin undertone (cool/warm) and only wear certain clothes that apparently suit my body shape more?

Like skinny jeans and a peplum top or an A-line dress? Fashion magazines and articles always tell us what to wear and what not to - but should I take the tips or just wear whatever the hell I want? I'm slim with a pear shaped body. Also, should I listen to beauty gurus about undertones, what "season" I am or not?

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  • Wear whatever you want and what feels comfortable to you. It's good to try new things and switch things up. But you don't always have to listen to what articles and fashion magazines tell you what to do.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, I wouldn't put too much faith in those beauty articles. Sure they work for some, but other people have different, unique styles. I myself am a petite girl who wears t-shirts and jeans and sneakers 99% of the time. The only makeup I use is a bit of concealer under my eyes, mascara, and some lipstick to add colour to my pale face. I will wear eye liner the odd time, but I don't really use it much.

    I don't use foundation. It's heavy on my skin, and with my skin being as sensitive as it is, I would only ever use a concealer for discolouration or spot coverage.

    Yes, it is important if you wear foundation to find an undertone to your skin. You have to find one that matches and blends well into your skin to look like a flawless match, otherwise it'd be noticeable.

    as for the clothing style, wear what you'd like. Usually peplum tops are great for giving girls hips / a more curvy figure. It'd work great for me, as I have barely an hour glass shape, so that extra volume at the hips would work well. I'd never wear a peplum top though, as I don't iike them and it's not my style.
    You should wear what you like, what you're comfy in and what you feel confident wearing. Even with your makeup, same thing.
    It doesn't matter what beauty magazines say, or what fashion advice colums state, we can choose to wear what we like and display our own style through the clothing, makeup, hair styles, and accessories we pick out each day. Do what you want to. :)


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  • Anything you want is fine but if you want to improve your appeal then you should dress for your body type.

  • Just wear what the hell you want!


What Girls Said 1

  • Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. With the makeup and the undertones definitely stick with your undertones when it comes to foundation and powder or else it will be extremely noticeable that you are wearing makeup. As far as eyeshadows and lipsticks go I say wear whatever you want