Guys, do good looking girls intimidate you?

Okay so I have a few questions.

I've been told that I'm a good looking girl. No, I'm not bitchy or cocky in any way. I'm actually more like the innocent, goody-two shoes type.My friends tell me that other girls who don't know me well are intimidated by me.

1)Is this the same for guys? Are guys intimidated by good looking girls?

2) Guys, when you see a girl out on the street who you don't know and you find attractive, why won't you approach her?

3)Is it common for guys to not make a move because they think the girl is "too good looking" ?



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  • 1. not intimidated just not worth the effort

    2. probabbly bcasue she would get creeped out

    3. not worth the effort...pain in the but princess to demanding high maintenece


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  • not usually, I'm pretty comfortable around girls. But I also would never stop a girl on the street and tell her how beautiful she looked, even though I have been tempted. I guess it really depends on how confident the guy is.

  • Yes. I don't think I have asked out a girl that I saw on the street that was drop dead gourgeous. If we talked, it would be another thing, but in the back of mind, I have a nagging feelinf that she is taken.

    • Really? so every random girl you find attractive you feel is taken? I get lots of glances from random guys but they NEVER say a word. For my friends, on the other hand, it's different. Guys actually approach them and all, and they don't understand why they never approach me because I'm supposedly "better looking" than my friends...other people tell me this, I think it's wrong to think that way but it might I have something to do with it? I don't know.

    • From my expierence, yes. Even if I do talk to them, most of them end up being taken or not interested :\

  • Well, you're orderly.

    1) Yes.

    2) Scared of rejection in any form.

    3) Yes!

  • Im a good looking guy also. NO guys are not intimidated by good looking girls usually. a lot of the time they just think she probably has so many options its not worth it . As far as in the street goes... I do sometimes in the mall or something :). A lot of girls give off this "im the sh*t" impression and its not necessarily intimidating but more of a fear of getting rejected/ignored.. it takes a lot of confidence and balls to do that. I do it at clubs and malls sometiems that's it.

  • We can be. For the most part, any attractive girl gets attention. But some guys are likely to be a bit shy.

  • I agree with ThatGuy. I always assume that they are either taken or at least get attention from better guys. There's my low self-esteem talking.


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