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Cute tops that show off cleavage?

I have to do some shopping for summer clothes. My boyfriend has mentioned that I don't wear enough clothes that show off my cleavage. I don't... Show More

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  • Showing cleavage is not bad as long as it is not too much to being sleezy. You mentioned needing a bra and that many tops don't work with a bra. I would suggest you steer clear of any top that will support you without a bra. Your nipples and areolas (bad spelling?) may show through. I know I would not apprciate that if you were my girl.I have a question for you. Your boyfriend wants to enjoy looking at your God given assets. However, he does realize that if you are showing more cleavage with large breasts, this is going to attract more attention from other males, correct?. Is he okay with that? Some guys like to have their girls show off their assets because it makes them feel good to think "Yes, that's right, you guys who are looking at her. She has very nice breasts. You are checking them out. And she's going home with me".

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  • i am a full C cup so I sorta know the feeling.. I absolutely love the basic V-neck shirts that Old Navy sells (often on sale for anywhere from $10-$5).. there's a rainbow of colors and I really like to put a little lacy tank top underneath it and it covers a little (cuz its a REALLY low v-neck) but still shows nice cleavage.. they're really comfy and look cute jeans or a skirt! :)

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