Will I fit into japanese clothes?

I'm 169 cm / 5'6 and 108 lbs / 49 kg.
If you had buy Japanese clothes do you have some advices to give me or anything?

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  • Whatever your normal size is go up a size. I hae gotten things from different Asian countries and always go up a size and they always fit. They are shorter though so keep that in mind.

    • My country have already smaller size than the US like for exemple if your a xs in the us you should take a S / M in my country so should I get a up size or not?

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    • Its small. Average in the US is debatable lol.

    • Haha yea your right XD


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  • nopers


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  • You should, I fit into them size wise and I'm 5'10" & 116lbs but I had to size up so instead of buying XS/S I went with M, I just found them really short especially in the sleeve & leg length, maybe Asians just have shorter limbs?

    • Yes, it's for that I ask. Japanese women are shorter they're 5'2 and in my country average height for women are 5'5.
      I buy a Korean hoodie in one size and it suit me well but like Japanese are shorter than Korean I didn't know if the sleeve and leg length will suit me.

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    • Thanks :)
      Like I'm 5'6 so smaller than you do you think if I go one size up I will fit in (leg / sleeves lenght or not?

    • Oh it really depends on your arm length and the sleeve length of the clothes you wanna buy, I'd say its best to try them on in the shop and see )

  • yes always order a size up than your normally wear because Asian sizes run small in most cases

    • Ok thanks :)
      And for one size things? I buy one size in Korean brand but I know that Japanese is a bit smaller so will I fit in?

    • take your precautions and go one size up

    • OK, thanks. I ll do this :)

  • Well duh, you're skinny. You should probably avoid buying extra small like you'd do in the west because people are smaller in east asia.

    • Yes, I think I will have a problem with the leg / sleeves length

  • Maybe, you will just have to try it and see. :)

    • I know but it's an online site :)
      I can't try it on