I'm really self conscious about my fine hair.

okay so I'm really self conscious about my fine hair. I inherited baby fine hair that's kinda wavy and poofy I HATE IT! I sometimes cry over how much I hate it and other girls have such long lush hair... mine looks straggly long so I keep it to the shoulder...my sister was blessed with long curls and I got the crap hair that can't decide if its straight or wavy...anyways here's my question:

is hair supposed to be see through when in front of a bright light? I hate when there's a lamp behind me and you can see right through , is that normal? haha its a stupid question but yeah. in the sun you can't I guess because there's light shining all around it... just when there's a light right behind

thanks for your advice I'm trying hard to except it, but I'm always worrying about how it looks its really a problem I'm 16 and its bothered me since I was 10... 6 years of trying to get thicker hair is so stressful and disapointing
idk how I got so unlucky
has anyone used bio silk therapy? does it make hair smoother?