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I'm really self conscious about my fine hair.

okay so I'm really self conscious about my fine hair. I inherited baby fine hair that's kinda wavy and poofy I HATE IT! I sometimes cry over how much... Show More

thanks for your advice I'm trying hard to except it, but I'm always worrying about how it looks its really a problem I'm 16 and its bothered me since I was 10... 6 years of trying to get thicker hair is so stressful and disapointing
idk how I got so unlucky
has anyone used bio silk therapy? does it make hair smoother?

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  • same thing happening to me. I think its normal? or hormonal? I don't know but I hate it too :( the dr said it might be because I'm low on iron

  • It is normal if you have thin hair yes. If you look up video on youtube of debbie harry's band Blondie, she has wispy thin blond hair that often forms a halo around her hair when she is near a light.

    Learn to accept your hair. It could be worse. You could have no hair as you are a cancer patient recieving chemotherapy.

    Go to a drugstore, find a brand of volumising and plumping hair shampoo and conditioner. "Make up alley" is a great website for product reviews. Also blowdry your hair with your head upside down every once and a while, this will add volume to your hair.

    There is no point envying your sister's hair - I bet there are days when she thinks she would love to have easy to manage hair like yours, rather than thick unruly curls. Stop fighting for your hair to be straight or wavy and just let it dry naturally into whatever shape it wants to. Then run some hairspray through it and let it do its own thing. I bet you have lovely waves!

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