Would you like your girl switching up her clothing style?

Do you like variety? Or would you want her to stick to looking sexy/cute? For example I'll dress differently a lot...like innocently cute with braids, then sexy with wavy hair, then a low-cut shirt with a bun, then a blouse with a ponytail...etc. Some of them are more conservative and don't show off my curves as well, but I still think they look good. Or does that scream inconsistency and indecisiveness?

And please don't say if I like her, anything works...I know it's true for a lot of people, but you gotta have some sort of preference :P


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  • That's awesome that you never dress the same. It boring that people wear the same thing everyday. Just as long as you don't do anything extremely crazy.


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  • Yea definitely being able to get all dressed up some nights. Being able to do the pony tails and braids. Definitely a plus

  • I like only when she is switching up between casual and sporty clothing style.


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