Girls please help, my wedding day and honeymoon might get ruined!

Ok Let me start by saying I'm using my little sisters account and am well over 18 so I wanted to clear that up a head of time.

so this may seem like a totally stupid question but I'm on the birthcontrol Ortho Tri Cyclen and started it about a month ago and I've been on my period for this is the 9th day of it, my wedding is on sunday! I can't walk down the isle in a white dress while on my period and my Fiji Honeymoon will be ruined if I can't find a way to get my period to end. please please please help! I don't want my big day to get trashed my entire wedding plus the reception is 9 hours, then I get on a plane later that night so I can't deal with the period an the cramps and all. HELP!


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  • I'm not experienced with ortho tri cyclen, however most birth control pills try to regulate your period. This causes irregularity when you first start taking the pill. It usually doesn't regulate until after two or three cycles, meaning that you will be irregular, and can spot for about 2-3 months.

    I must say, you chose a very poor time to experiment with taking on a new form of birth control. Birth control can affect your weight, no one wants unexpected weight gain right before they debut their wedding dress. The addition of hormones can make you a little bit crazy, and you already have that trying to plan a wedding.

    I'm wary about telling you this, but I don't know if you stop taking the pill now if you will stop bleeding by sunday.

    If you are spotting on sunday, not bleeding but spotting, meaning just a little blood, then what you can do is take two ibuprofens in the morning before your wedding, take two more 8 hours later, and then two more 8 hours after that. NO MORE than 6 a day. You can do that for only a few days, and it will reduce your bleeding. Meaning if you're only spotting, then it will seem like you have stopped. If you do this for more than a day, you will probably have breakout bleeding during the day, but will be ok by evening. Again, do not take more, it will not help and you can overdose. And do not take more than a few days in a row.


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  • 9 days is an extended duration for menstruation.I don't think that it will last for another 3 days until sunday. You may not even have to do anything.

    But, if you say that you don't want to risk it, consult your gynecologist. We can't give you any advice that will be as effective as what he tells you.

    • I don't understand why I get a -1. A gynecologist knows a lot more than we do. It is his/her profession, for god's sake!

  • A wedding that long plus a flight will make it miserable enough... you probally won't worry about the blood... you won't be any good till tue or wed at best with the change in time zones, jet lag and all that.. you planned too much...good luck

    • Well I really didn't plan to much the honeymoon was a present from his family and I didn't plan to have my period so I really didnn't.

  • The Gynecologist, seems like an appropriate phone call to make at this point? I could be wrong.

  • Don't sweat it. My wife started her period on the second day of our honeymoon. Just be honest with your man that it might get a bit messy. Have some dark towels handy. Most guys don't care. He is going to have to get used to it eventually.

    • It's not about having sex during her periods. It is about dealing with the cramps through the whole wedding day and not being able to enjoy the day. You should read the question a little more carefully.

    • "and my Fiji Honeymoon will be ruined"

      I did read it and it is in the "sexuality" section, so I answered with that in mind.

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  • I used to take Ortho Tri-Cyclen-LO, so I can give you a little feed back here and let you know that you might want to consider switching to the lower dose.

    First of all, are you taking the placebo pills (green pills) right now or are you taking the active pills? If you're taking the placebo pills--stop. The placebo pills are designed to be taken to allow you to have a menstrual period. If you want to skip your period, then you can just keep taking the active pills continuously and you won't have a period.

    That being said, you say that you started on the pill about a month ago. It is really common to experience breakthrough bleeding when you start birth control. Typically, it resolves itself within the first three if you are on active pills right now and are still experiencing bleeding then you may just have to wait until the hormone levels balance themselves out.

    I'd recommend switching to Ortho Tri- Cyclen-LO because it has a lower dose of hormones---which means you are less likely to experience break through bleeding. I never had any bleeding when I took OTCL. But, your doctors may recommend that you wait until things even out with your cycle before they switch you. Call your doctors and explain what's going on and see what they say.

    If you're already taking active pills right now, there may not be much you can do to stop the bleeding. Just keep in mind that stress can prolong or even stop your period. If you've been stressing about this or the wedding, just try to relax. Take some quiet time for yourself before all the hustle and the partying, whenever possible and just chill--do a little deep breathing--even if its only for a few minutes.

    I hope this helps.

  • I don't know anything about birth control, so I don't know why your period is abnormally long or how you can make it stop. For that, you should ask a doctor or gyno, someone who really understands how the pills work. Make sure what's happening to you is a normal effect of the pill and not something going wrong.

    If it's normal and you can't get it to stop, just try to relax about it. Don't think of it as ruining your wedding; that won't help you to make the most of it in spite of any glitches. Things like this happen. They're what keeps life interesting.

    You can absolutely wear a white dress when you have your period. Wear a tampon and a liner or pad for extra protection and change them while you're waiting to walk down the aisle so that you know the protection will last until you have the chance to change them again. Then you can use tampons when you swim and stuff as you usually would while you're on your honeymoon.

    To help with cramps and feeling icky, avoid or minimize dairy, meat, and caffeine, and stay hydrated with lots of water. Raspberry leaf tea can help, as can valarian extract/ tea/ etc. Only take valarian (it tastes like really really overcooked green peas, but it's not too bad) if you want to feel sleepy though, because it's very relaxing (that's why it works). And there's always ibuprofen or whatever you would normally take for pain.

    Explain to you husband to be what's going on and that you feel unhappy about it. He should understand. You should be able to have fun despite your period, and you can always have even more fun when your period is over. You don't have to see your honeymoon as the best part of your marriage- it's meaningful, but hopefully the rest of your marriage will last much longer and therefore hopefully it will be even better!

    Remember that you're not getting married so that you can wear a white dress or go to Fiji. You're getting married to show your love for someone, and you don't stop loving people just because of your period.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you =) the period is just majorly slowing down the process of everything and then throw in some wicked cramps and ouch haha

    • :( I sympathize. Just try to focus on the positive and take a deep breath, and it'll go fine. Congratulations on the wedding by the way! I wish you the best.

    • Thank you very much. =)

  • okayy it will be okayy...when I take a bath when I wake up I don't bleed so much and make sure you take meds every four hours to prevent the cramps. if you get cramps during the wedding have someone rub your lower back while you or someone else rubs your lower stomache. and while wearing your white dress make sure you check a lot and if you feel something strange go check. I'm sorry for what's going on. but congrats on getting married and good luck(:

  • You have already gotten what looks like some very good advice so not much use in repeating it.

    Just Hope All Works Out For You and Congrats on getting Married.

  • You want to find a way to get your period to stop in 9 hours?! If you're well over 18 you should know that once it starts you just have to wait it out. I used to be on ortho tri cyclen, I liked it a lot but the pill I'm on now brings my period on like clockwork (Wednesday between 10 and 10:30 AM). If you're on your period now you just have to wait it out. If it's been 9 days it'll probably stop soon, relax. I know that if you're freaking out about getting your period (like say you had unprotected sex and wanted it to make sure you aren't pregnant) your body will fake you out and you won't get your period or it'll come extra late, maybe it works the same way for when you want it t stop.

    • No I meant I've been on my period for 9 days