Are their any secrets to making hair grow quicker?

I have straight bangs and I am trying to grow them out long enough before school so I can get side bangs. I need them about 3 inches longer before August something. Does anyone know ways to make hair grow quicker?


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  • the only way hair can grow quicker is if you get it trimmed and I do mean trimmed no more than a trim! if you get it trimmed every 6 weeks any hairdresser will tell you that ! I had long hair and some reason unknown to me I cut it and it wouldn't grow for two years because I wasn't getting it trimmed now I get it trimmed every 6 weeks and its getting long now

    • Yea I always get mine trimmed every 6 weeks, I just didn't know if there was a shampoo or something to make it grow faster

    • I want long hair! I'll try this.

    • No there's no shampoo!! there are products to make your hair thicker but none that are proven to make it longer! so just be keep getting it trimmed every 6 weeks and it will grow just make sure they trim it and not take inches off


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  • I wrote a pretty extensive answer to a same question asked by another user. You can have a read through if you like: link

  • hair grows the fastest when it is very very healthy. don't straighten them or blowdry them unless you have to. There are vitamins you can take to encourage hair growth look it up on google.

  • Every night, massage your scalp for 5 minutes. It increases blood flow to your scalp & hair follicles, causing it to grow faster <3

  • Massage your scalp