Hi, I'm just wondering if you find guys with some geeky traits attractive? Me, I'm a bit of a geek. I have some fairly different interests in things than other guys in my demographic. I appreciate different things and have different tastes. Yes, one may say I'm unique and a bit eccentric. Don't get me wrong, I get along with people very well and have 'normal' friends (I'm not a social outcast or anything like that). For instance, I like older more obscure film and music, clothing styles, cars, you name it. I 'swim against the current', if you will. My question is, do girls, in general find guys like myself attractive or just sort of weird and don't really consider them, because that's how I feel. I am very confident in myself and I really like who I am, however, I am somewhat introverted outside of social/professional situations that require me to act 'normal' and somewhat extroverted.

I hope to see some comments, Thanks!


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  • it's really more of personal preference. I personally like it when guys are different from the norm but not all girls do, it really depends on the girl. You wouldn't be considered weird though just for liking obscure things. As long as you have a normal personality, I mean you can be a little more sarcastic than others or whatever and still be not thought of as weird, but basically if you're not creepy then people won't just automatically be turned off by your affection for things other than the norm.


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  • I love my boyfriend. You could say that he is a big geek ;)

    He's extremely bright and sometimes I have no idea what he's talking about but I love him anyway. He's a walking Encyclopedia.

    He's 19 but he still likes Naruto but then again, so do I ;)

    We watch Star Trek together sometimes XD

    We both do many things that others might find "weird"

    But we don't care

  • lol. I love nerds. I have dated two.

  • i can't say I'm into geeky guys but if he can intermingle among normal people I'd have no problem with it, I like when a guy has his own personality and doesn't try to be anyone else


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  • geeky girls like geeky guys. Bad girls like bad boys. good girls like good guys. or so it goes. There is someone out there for everyone