Wedding reception question?

Hey quick question, this will be the first wedding reception I've been to.

Is a nice red shirt dress shirt with black slacks cool, or should i not do that lol. I know it will stand out quite a bit, and i dont want to be that guy people think thats trying to be real flashy.

Or should i go with a black dress shirt with red underneath?

Im a single guy going to a reception with lots of women lol. I want to look nice and get noticed without being too flashy. What do you think?



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  • Not a good idea to a wedding reception. Overall what is your role in this? Have you been invited specifically by the groom or bride themselves? If so, your main concern is to dress accordingly to the color styles of the chosen wedding theme, especially if your a family member. If your only goal other than attend a wedding is to pick up girls, then you need to discuss this with the bride and groom themselves before even attempting. Or else you may get looked at as the odd one out. Telling you by experience. Make sure that the ones in charge are aware of your intentions, or else you may cause a problem. I would say red underneath, but now as I said before you best to dress accordingly, or just plain black with white. If they say its okay to wear red, then its okay. Overall be safe with this.

    • Im very good friends with both the bride and groom. I've known the bride since elememtary. And they never told me a color theme :/

    • @Asker Well you have to find that one out. It's very important, unless they tell you to wear whatever you want as long as its formal.


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  • The red shirt is fine.

  • It depends on the wedding, but usually most of the guys are wearing suits so you might be underdressed.

  • I would say don't wear red. Wear neutral colors like black and grey and navy blue. They're flattering and look smashing in pictures.


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