Good looks REALLY matter at all?

ok so I've heard the old "oh, looks don't matter to me" or the " I love guys who are built and muscular"...ok well answer me this...

I don't think I'm an ugly person by far..I keep in pretty good shape considering the 6 pack and all..but I'm also pretty small at 5'6" at 135 lbs...girls are telling me that I'm too small for them and they can't date someone who is smaller than them..

..I'm a regular guy, nice and kind hearted but an asshole at times but who isn't right? I'm just puzzled about this...


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  • looks don't matter to me @ all! My only request is that if they are shorter than me that they act at least mature so I don't feel like I'm babysitting!


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  • honestly, I think you sound AMAZING :) well, I don't know you personally but you sound cute hahah I'm not gonna lie, it might be because I'm smaller then you and I like muscles, but I wouldn't mind dating a guy my height either

  • maybe your just going for the wrong girls...if a girl likes you for you it shouldnt matter about your appearance.


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