Are these shoes guys or girls?

I went to zumiez and got two pairs of shoes but I don't know if one is girls or guys, its a size 7 and i fit into size 7 girls and 8 to 8 1/2 in guys so are they girls or guys


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  • Its possible that you ended up with a girls pair. Overall if you like the shoes just wear them, as long as it fits and matches your style. Nobody has to know their girls shoes. When my mom was living her shoe size was a 12, they don't carry that size in women's usually, and they are extremely rare to find. So guess what she had to do? Wear a man's pair. You got to do what you got to do. If you feel that uncomfortable, then your just going to have to return them back, and find a different style of shoes that are a MAN'S size.


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  • If they are a size 7, I'd have to say they are womens. Some shoes are unisex and all that matters is if you like them. Without a picture, I can't really say for sure.


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  • If you like how they look dose it really matter?
    Some shoes have different fitting so it could be they are just kinda tight for guys shoes.

  • Picture?


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