Calling a Girl Beautiful?

Guys when you call a girl beautiful whether it's your Girlfriend or a good friend or whatever, what do you actually mean , and what thing's usually make a girl beautiful to you?


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  • well I just started talkin to this girl again and we swapped some pics cause she lives far away and I always responded to her pics by saying she is cute. I say cute because I think hot is kinda degrading and I didn't say beautiful for another reason. beautiful for me goes further than just physical features. I just recently told her she is beautiful to me because I adore both her looks and her personality. so this is how it works for me

    hot = just see a girl walkin somewhere and I think "dam she's hot" but nothin serious

    cute = I think she is very attractive and I have the desire to obtain a strong emotional connection with her

    beautiful = she has shown me that she is worth so much more to me and she has emotionally opened herself up to me and I believe that I can open myself up to her without fear of being hurt

    *plz know that this is just me and like the other guy said a lot of guys will say you are beautiful in order to get in ur pants so be careful :)


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  • we mean that we find her attractive, obviously. and guys don't usually say it if they don't mean it.. and the things that make a girl beautiful to me are big, pretty eyes with bold eyelashes; a cute, straight nose; and other attractive facial features. a slim, healthy body is also what attracts me. I like a girl to have healthy, soft, and smooth hair. a confident and positive attitude is also attractive. but those are just my preferences. everyone in the world is beautiful to someone else.

    other guys might say it just to get her in bed. careful with the scumbags ;D

  • her eyes her legs her hair her butt her boobs her face her body her smile he laugh the way she makes you feel when you see her

  • she surpasses the hot girls because she's naturally beautiful without makeup

  • it means the girl has a nice bootyhole

    • An your an A**hole.

    • Yes , because I'm pretty sure no guy would call a girl beautiful if it meant that. Unless you were a d***

  • It can mean face, smile, attitude, personality, or just flirting


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  • It means he has the respect to compliment you in a nice way. Nothing to make you feel degraded or bunch you with other girls.