Calling a Girl Beautiful?

Guys when you call a girl beautiful whether it's your Girlfriend or a good friend or whatever, what do you actually mean , and what thing's usually make a girl beautiful to you?


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  • well I just started talkin to this girl again and we swapped some pics cause she lives far away and I always responded to her pics by saying she is cute. I say cute because I think hot is kinda degrading and I didn't say beautiful for another reason. beautiful for me goes further than just physical features. I just recently told her she is beautiful to me because I adore both her looks and her personality. so this is how it works for me

    hot = just see a girl walkin somewhere and I think "dam she's hot" but nothin serious

    cute = I think she is very attractive and I have the desire to obtain a strong emotional connection with her

    beautiful = she has shown me that she is worth so much more to me and she has emotionally opened herself up to me and I believe that I can open myself up to her without fear of being hurt

    *plz know that this is just me and like the other guy said a lot of guys will say you are beautiful in order to get in ur pants so be careful :)

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      Thanks :) Great information

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      Lol well ty I try :D

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      Agreed :) I Love this information best answer by far