Arthur Kade?

Guys if you know who this infamous socialite is, tell me do you take him seriously? Is he right about all men constantly rating girls and judging their physical features, or is he simply a douche?


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  • I've never heard of him but he's right in a way but I wouldn't put it like that. When you say rating (and usually that implies the 1 to 10 system) it sounds as if we size you up consciously and go through a mental checklist of stuff and then give you a number or value that sort of socially sticks to you. I can understand feeling a lot of pressure from that but that's not really what it's like on our end.

    If we see a girl that turns us on it just flips an unconscious switch, we don't think about it at all. It's not a conscious process at all. It's like it happens in a deeper section of the brain or something. We see and we just know. It's not that you need an extra cup size or to lose 10 pounds or whatever it's that you do or you don't fit the biologically programmed description of what our subconscious thinks is attractive. And that's based on biology, upbringing, surroundings and experiences and varies from guy to guy. One man's 8 is another man's 5 if you will.

    I guess what I'm saying is we're not staring and actively judging. It's more like music. A song you like may sound annoying to someone else. You don't have to think "oh the bassline is all wrong", "I don't like the rhythm either and the lyrics are contrived." You just know. Male attraction isn't as harsh as it sounds. Chances are if you're a normal girl who's in relatively good health you're someone's definition of sexy.


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  • Ok MANY guys do this, but it's not a bad thing, its a response. If a guy does it around his friends and joke about it, yes he is a douche, becuase girls aren't supposed be judged or rated to then be joked around, that's just wrong!

  • Guys are visual, we can tell a lot about a girl by looking at her and we do consciously or sub consciously...enjoy...


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