I still don't know if he likes me or not? :/ [help]

I've had a crush on this boy for a while.. he gives me these hugs that legit make my day. the other day he saw me in the hallway, and he hugged me so tight. our bodies were pressed together, and as we hugged we spun around in circles.. [: I almost tripped on his feet.. aha. I've noticed that he hasn't hugged girls like that. just me, and he likes teasing me. I just don't think he likes, like me. :l

oh and if that's not enough info, check out my other questions.. I'm still talking about the same guy.


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  • any normal guy would probably be thinking of sexualy imoral things but that's not true for all guys like me usualy when I stare at a girl I think about her beautiful eyes or her gorgouse hair I can't say that I have neve thought about a girl like that but there are guys out there that do care about things other than sex I like women because they are people


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  • hmmm it's hard to tell, but that could be a sign. you should try to find out by flirting back.