Matching bra and underwear?

My friend told me last night that guys think it is sexier when the bra matches the underwear.

Personally I could care less but I'm usually too involved to notice the color. Or because the bra is the first to come off and the underwear the last.

What do you think?


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  • Just another thing you guys are lucky about - you don't have to match your boxers or briefs to anything! I've got a friend who is absolutely terrified of ending up in an emergency room with knickers and a bra that doesn't match...

    Sexy underwear might look good but some of it is like wearing some kind of medieval torture device! We are supposed to wiggle about seductively with a bit of whale bone digging into our ribs. Not to mention that you poor men haven't got a chance in hell of working out how to untie/undo some of it. It can be fun though.

    What gets to me is there is just no equivalent for men - the "Enhancement Front Brief" or the "Enhancement Bum Lifting Trunk" just doesn't hack it does it? and the sloggi comfy classic is just too up front if you know what I mean...


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  • Normally, they should match. It's like wearing the same socks on both feet. Only this is vertical, not horizontal. It would make a difference and I like it when they match. UNLESS, the combination you make looks totally amazing. Then it doesn't matter.

  • I think it doesn't have to match exactly but as long as its sexy lingerie then who cares and like you said if you are going to be taking it off then no worries haha =]

  • If she takes it off, I don't mind the colour.

    If she keeps it on I'd have a slight preference for matching colours :D