Should I continue growing my moustache for movember/November?

So I can grow a really bad ass handle bar moustache (rocked it for 2 years and got compliments from strangers all the time on it) but at the same time I know/feel I look better with some generic stubble, girls seem to be more interested in me when it's short & simple.

... and that's pretty much the main reason why I want to trim it short because I'm actually trying to go out to meet women and I'm uncertain if it will be a disadvantage or advantage.

just looking for opinions...

  • November is just a month & a half away... Don't cut it, keep going
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  • If you don't want to have it, just shave it
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  • If you think it's going to hinder you chances with woman you need to reevaluate your ability to seduce women... It's you game, not your appearance
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  • If you can rock it very well to the point of compliments... If anything it should be an advantage with women because it makes you standout in a good way
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2mo To stache or dash...
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  • Moustache is the coolest thing ever

    • 2mo


      They can be awesome but they can also be completely aweful looking. Depends on the guy and how he styles/what he can grow.

    • 2mo

      I ve never seen a bad moustache before. I guess guys know it if it can look good or not

    • 2mo

      I guess so, it takes awhile to grow one and during the process you have a lot of time to evaluate if it looks good or not.

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