How does a girl look at a guy when she likes him?

There this girl in my school that I see in the hallways, she sometimes stares at my eye to eye and even with a smile. Does this mean she feels something for me


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  • I would have to say with confidence that yes, she likes you =] I say this one) because eye contact and smiling simultaneously means she's taking the time to acknowledge you for who you are, not just because you're another random person who walked past. And two) that's what I do to let a guy know I like them: I make eye contact and smile =]

    • Katy you have a beautiful smile..just giving a compliment hope that didn't sound creepy haha

    • Well how should I approach her

    • Wat kind of tone should I use


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  • If it's that kind of coy, cute smile then I say she likes you. I smile at most people if I happen to catch their eye, but the guy I like, I try to catch his eye and then I'll maintain eye contact and give a softer sweeter smile rather than the one for everyone else. Judge the situation by the type of smile it is.

  • Sounds like it, lingering eye contact is often a sign of attraction. I know when ever I'm talking to my muse I can hardly ever manage to rip my eyes away from his.


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