Why do a lot of pretty girls take there beauty for advantage?

ok a lot of really good looking girls the hot ones why do they act mean to girls who aren't as pretty and go around the place as if they are gods gift just being totally in love with themselves! ok I know not all really pretty girls are like this so lets get that clear but why are the majority self centered up them selfs in love with them selfs bitches?


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  • Not to sound cocky in the least, but I've been labeled the 'hot chick' since around middle school. and it's sad that it actually surprises people when they come to find that "someone like me" is actually really nice. I can't tell you how repulsed I am by those typical bitch hotties. if only everyone could see them for what they truly are, hideous. I don't mind if they spent time in front of the mirror confusing on themselves, but when they actually go outside of that and feel it their place to condemn someone else for their looks, that's just sadistic. They'll eventually get their comes-around, God has a funny way of dishing out karma, but it definitely happens.

    To answer your question, the heinous hotties become to be that way because a majority of them, all their life they were showered with compliments ''oh my gosh, you are absolutely the most gorgeous little girl ever''. and it continues throughout, and some people let all those compliments get to their head, they feel they're so pretty that they don't even have to develop a personality, or be nice for that matter. They are 'royalty' in their minds, because of how they look, something in which they really had no control or choice in. But because of this blessing, they feel it's okay to condemn those who weren't so lucky in the looks dept. It's so shallow, I can't stand how superficial this world is, people are way too obsessed with looks and not enough of actually following a Godly path and becoming a better person, it's so sad.

    • Lol maybe we should start scarring the faces of people who behave like vain assholes! then things would work out a little better. who doesn't love a girl with pretty long hair rockin an eye patch captain jacks sparrow style -woooo hooo! - j

    • Haha.. the pirate look is hot but we're not trying to make them look any hotter.... I was thinking a little more along the lines of that movie SE7EN, did you ever see it? one of the seven deadly sins, vanity.. you gotta see that movie

      That, or if we're not feeling SO harsh, at least go with a little bit of the movie Shallow Hal.. watch that one too ;)


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  • I feel sorry for girls that think they are so hot that they can treat others like shit! The reason I feel sorry for them is because no one will ever love them the way a normal looking girls will experience love over a lifetime. Plastic people lives plastic lives, and they will never feel the joys I have felt as being judged an average looking guy.

  • It's because guys shower them with attention. Many females think they are the shit because they can in fact have any guy they go for.

    But its not only females, I have friends that do the same thing.

    It's really stupid if you ask me. But the only thing you can do is not let it bother you, and don't sink to their level.

    • Im not ugly by no means but I just want to kill them they would eat there selfs if they were a bar of chocolate ! I don't see why they can't just be nice and know there pretty but not have a big sign saying yep I'm hot!! hotter than you,you,oh and you oh I could get anyone I want lol

    • There was a group of girls just like my high school. They called themselves "the glamors"

      I get my daily kicks by putting bitches like that in their place

    • I know girls who call them self the glam 5 how sad more like the retarded bitches 5

  • Their pride is their downfall. This is something to relate to different kinds of people, not just girls. It's a guy thing too. Not all the time, but sometimes in a group of guys there will be the guy who in whatever situation has to be the "tough guy" or something like that. But whether it's the person who thinks they're prettier/smarter/tougher/whatever is the person who is stuck in a shell of their immediate surroundings and never ventured out into the world to notice that someone out there is going to be better than they are at whatever makes them great. Unless steroids/plastic surgery/cheating on a test/ something like that is involved. But still even if the perfect type of person had to resort to this then first they would have to be not too content with who they are in the first place.

    • No I'm talking about girls who seriously are in love with them selfs I know the difference in a girl who puts it on as a front and a girl who actually does

    • The thing is it's not really their downfall as you say, because everyone plays into their belief that they ARE all that. It's like there are a different set of rules for them. I'm wondering, is it the confidence they show that's such a turn on. The girls she is talking about really seem to think they are flawless. Is that enough to make other people believe it too?

  • It makes them feel better about them selves by putting others down. big ego boost.

    although they may be pretty that may lack in other areas and to compensate they are mean to less attractive girls for the ego trip


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  • They are just used to coasting through life on their looks because people allow them to do it. No one ever puts these snotty little pieces of work in their places, so they continue to act that way and chances are that they always will. Even if someone kicks the high horse out from under them, chances are that they are too far gone to be able to understand why. They will believe it's because you are jealous of their phenomenal good looks. They are beyond being able to see a flaw in themselves, but they are really good at pointing out every flaw in other people. Funny how that works huh. Some would say that it stems from insecurity she has to make everyone else feel ugly so you know how beautiful she is. Personally I think it stems from society valuing beauty over almost everything else.

  • They just stand in front of mirror and see the lovely painted face. lol I'm a hot bitch myself, but I almost don't spend time on putting the make up on, I know I can get a guy with my personality too, because I'm down to earth and fun to be around lol. yeah I noticed that in some of my friends. putting couple pounds of make up and standing in front of mirror for 2 hours. You get into one thing and then you lose another thing. Like you start concentrating on ur looks and you miss other important stuff, like school, and ur grades get down, and that's why people say hot but stupid. It's not always truth, but mostly. I think best thing is to know how to balance it all, being pretty in and out.

  • girls are bitches. sorry, but I have to swear. I know completely where you are coming from. girls and guys make fun of me because I don't have the largest breasts. its like, who gives a crap? and this tiny thing is like the reason why I haven't had many boyfriends. are breasts really that important in order to be attractive? I don't think so. that's like saying a girl won't be with a guy because he is a little short or because he has a smaller penis. its complete bullshit. and it pisses me off when these bimbos with over sized boobs get all the f***ing attention. that's not attractive! those girls look f***in messed up. then of course the girl thinks she is a f***ing saint because she has blimps on her chest and gets all the guys only for that reason. I could get plastic surgery. will that really make me a better date? FUCK NO! now I just learn that one day, a guy will find me attractive. small breasts and all. but for now, I just forget about those ditzy bimbos. f*** them. the end.

    • In my opinion small breasts are better I even heard a glamour modeling agency say smaller boobs are in so !! don't mind them idiots ! I got slagged for being bigger than the all the tiny little thing and I do stress I only have a big bum I have a skinny stomach and few years ago I was slagged over this now I get compliments!! f***ed up

    • Good for you! and yeah, people are f***ed up. and thanks for reading my long rant. lol :)

    • Breasts don't make the girl. It's about how you carry yourself. If you think you can't get a guy because of your boobs, you will project that and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if you think you're hot shit and have confidence and emphasize your best features, you will attract guys who don't care about your boobs or prefer small breasts.

      take it from a big boob girl, it is not fun when ALL guys care about is your boobs. They don't even have to like your face lol

  • A lot of girls like that are really messed up. If you think about it, if you go around being evil to people for no reason, you have to be pretty negative and messed up on the inside. They are probably damaged already, and feel that they must concentrate on their looks to make up for other things they lack.

    Combine that with the fact that society puts beautiful people on a pedestal. You have a bunch of messed up meanies treating people like crap and getting away with it. And if you get away with it all the time you're going to keep doing it.