Are you less likely to experience racism if your hot?

It just seems like it would be harder to have prejudices against someone who's really hot?
Probably help mix the race and ethnicity based social clicks some people still seem to form when people in these clicks start including there hot white black or Asian girl/boy friend.


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  • Attractive people still experience racism. Just way less than an unattractive person. It's just the way it is.


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  • This brings up a philosophical question. If a racist gets a boner from a race they hate, how do they rationalize it in their head?


    Your a KKK member but your penis starts getting hard over this

    • I feel like Id forget i was a KKK member and be putty in her hands. Or at least id want her to have me in her hands Dam!


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  • Yeah I think so, but then again you might get comments like 'she/he's pretty hot, for a white/black/asian person.' etc.

  • Nah I think the racism is more pervy then.

  • i guess so

  • No, they just might fuck the person but still hold racist veiws. Look at slavery nd how the slave owners used to rape or fuck black women when they saw black people as animals.
    I know a white girl who says stuff like "black boys are usually thieves" and stuff like that, but she only fucks black boys... then they use her and dump her because of her mentality and she says it's because that's all black boys do.
    I know two black boys who say white girls are dirty, yet they have fucked white girls.
    And all those three people mentioned above still hate the other race. It's strange and stupid.
    I'm half white half black and I dated this white boy who had mainly black friends and exes, yet when we argued one time he told me to go find a N-word boy with rubber lips.
    So his friends and exes didn't stop him having racist thoughts or saying something so disgusting to me.

    Sex or sexual attraction means nothing when it comes to racism I think.

    • Why was it that he used her rather than her using him some girls use guys for sex and some guys use girls for money?
      Also sounds like you knew some bad people it's a little worrying to think there are people black and white who would still be racist to a beautiful girl after they slept with her.

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    • Maybe its down to a language barrier. My sister worked for a chinese restaurant for a few years as one of the few staff that wasn't chinese and said most of them still don't speak much English at all one always got orders wrong. From what she said she got on brilliantly with all of them but it was quite surprising how little English some of them spoke.

    • Yea, i think some cultural groups are more prone to that here. I've met some people who were born here but still only speak basic English because they hardly speak it day to day. There were some kids who started school with us and had to learn English while they were there too as they spoke none at all before.
      I've gotta say though, your sis is the first non Chinese person I've heard of working in the Chinese shop lol. I've seen cockney Chinese working there, British born, but never not Chinese background.

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  • This is probably true, attractive people get treated better in general and i imagine it would filter down.

  • Might be some truth in that

  • Doubt it, racists don't care about if a another race is hot or not. Usually racists have a huge bias against a race and wouldn't sleep with one. I mean maybe not all of them but I'm guessing a good amount.

    • Do you think saying im not racist because I want to sleep with women of every color or because I made out with... is a better when stupid people accuse you than the old I have black friends defence.

  • sure y not if said racist is more perverted then racist