Girls, I am thinking about being a woman for Halloween. These are the choices female executive, a hooker, or a socialite?

If I am doing a socialite, should I do a ball gown or cocktail dress?


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  • That's so cute. Always thought there was something cute and sexy about a guy in drag, as long as he's willing to make a serious effort at looking feminine. Are you going to shave your legs? If so, go with the cocktail dress, if not, then opt for something longer that will cover up your legs, like the full length gown.

    • Yes, I am going to shave my legs.

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    • We had a great time in Vegas for Halloween. Now I can dress as my gender. I might do it again when it is worth my while.

      The funny things were that I won $1000 in slots while en femme, and couple of guys wanted to buy me a drink.

      My girlfriend b. f. e. was surprised how I did not complain about any discomfort.

    • Good times, all the way around!


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  • go as kim k but try to look as much as a woman as possible.

    • Details. Type of hair style. Dress. Do you recommend early Kim K or current Kim? Do you mean lady like in as a a Oman possible?

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    • I amiss thinking thrift shop for the dress. The style is still in debate. I am thinking lingerie from Nordstrom. Shoes from DSW. Make up from MAC consultations.

  • I think the hooker would be funny, and have seen a couple dudes pull it off lol

  • Go as a hooker 😂

    • What type of outfit? Or should I be a high priced escort instead?

    • I don't know lol
      Google it and copy a picture

    • You are funny.

  • A hooker