Girls, Reaction to seeing an attractive guy in speedos?

I'm an athletic-looking guy on a HS swim team. I have often wondered how girls react to seeing non-fat-and-old guys in speedos.
Do they like them on the right guy, or always a turn off?
And sorry for the crewd question, but do girls check you out "down there" or are they not interested?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Personally I don't like seeing guys in speedos, it doesn't give you anything to imagine!!! And it makes me feel like i'm staring at a girl with abs or shit because speedos look like the type of undies i'd wear lmao.
    I don't know, maybe i'm weird, but seeing a guy in a nice suit or a tight shirt or even better lmaoo.. an unbuttoned white oxford shirt and loose tie (YEEESSS) is way better.

  • I prefer the boxer short look, its less intimidating... and I'd check the guy out more in those. Some things are sexier when left to the imagination after all.