Girls honest answers please?

OK this question relates to speedos. The usual comments from girls are ewwww or they're only OK on certain guys. To make it more clear of what is considered OK, which of the following pics are OK? What are girls honest opinions about each pic?

pic 1 - link

pic 2 - link

pic 3 - link

pic 4 -


Thanks everyone for your feedback. That's put some perspective on the subject. It's a shame some girls are not a little more accepting of them. They're actually quite practical. Not just there to show off our junk like some people think. Thanks again!


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  • i think they're only okay on swimmers. because they have to wear them.

    otherwise they seem weird. to me if a guy wore a speedo just because he wanted to, I would think he is just trying to show off.

    they look weird anyway. they're like girl's bikini bottoms.

    and swim trunks look cute on guys.

    • I have to agree with you. Unless you have to wear a speedo, just don't. Even if you think you are highlighting your assets, some things are better left to the imagination.


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  • Honest, I didn't need to look at these. It doesn't matter how slim or fit you are the only reason you should be wearing an itsy bitsy speedo is if you're a competitive swimmer. Besides that, board shorts are a lot more attractive! Period!

    • Yep yep I agree. you really shudnt be wearing them if ur a regular guy..its weird

  • As the girls already said, speedos are best suited for swimmers. But I was a swimmer, and I find most male swimmers actually look better in jammers like this : link

    At the beach, I want to see guys in trunks.

    pic 1 eh, ok.

    pic 2 no

    pic 3 eh, ok but would look better in trunks

    pic 4 best of the pics,this body is most suited for a speedo

  • 1. Perfect speedo material, he's skinny, nice body, tan, nice face. ect

    2. no.. he is a little chunky, doesn't have a great body.

    3. no.. I honestly think that if they're tan and have nice abs then it will work

    4. same as number 1

    Butttt on the other hand.. speedos are not that cute.. they make guys look more feminine wear shorts.. their prob way comfier and their more attractive.

  • If you're a swimmer at a swim meet they are perfectly fine. But if you're at a beach trying to rock one it comes off a little pervy or ew lol. Or I think you are really trying to be the center of attention or the joker of your group of friends.

  • Pic 1 looks okay in speedos, he's lean and looks athletic.

    Pic 2 looks too big to wear them.

    Pic 3 looks unathletic, doesn't really look like he should be wearing speedos either.

    Pic 4 has the best body type for speedos, and I think he can pull it off well.

  • if you're doing swimming, like laps in the pool, or competitions, and you've got a good bod, they look hot as, but if you're going to the beach or just hanging at the pool normally they look really odd and kinda creepy. In that case its twice as hot to have some board shorts :)

  • i'm not a fan of speedos on any guys but to answer your q

    1. he looks like a teenage boy. needs some meat on his bones, he looks athletic but not really built

    2. he should have never appeared in public like that haha..he's not "fat" but he is untoned and looks a little jiggly. like I said, I don't agree with speedos on guys but if a guy is gonna wear speedos he should at least be toned

    3. um no, kinda scrawny and his thighs are hairy he might wanna shave that next time he decides to wear speedos

    4. he has a nice upper body but he could use some work on his arms...he looks the best out of all them in speedos but even he would look better in trunks

    in closing, no man should wear a speedo. its not sexy or cute or masculine. but if you must wear a speedo, you need to be tan, muscular, fairly hairless and toned to pull it off and at a swimming meet. don't be trying to style and profile at the beach in these you will get laughed at

  • the guy in the first pic is hot

  • pic 1= yummy

    pic 2=ugh

    pic 3=nope

    pic=4 OK

    Also, like most of the girls said... It's way better when you're at a swim meet then just hanging out at the beach...

  • they're perfectly fine on swimmers, like pictures 1 and 4, but for some reason they look a little odd on anybody who isn't at a swim meet.


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  • ? only on swimmers, or when your trying stuff on, or your playing dirty games in bed... ;D lol :D ?