Is there a style of the week site for guys?

I'm really indecisive. I also get tired of wearing the same style everyday. I was wondering if there is a site that could help me.


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  • search ask men about fashion. or ask andy. I just saw it in bing...

  • no but just do what you like make it u


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  • What's your style, or how do you want to come across? You have to have a style that goes with your personality otherwise you'll just look very out of place. Will try to help you if you can be a bit more specific!

    • I guess you might say I'm a go with the flow sort of person that's why I like so many styles.

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    • Haha nope not a country boy. that sounds like how I dress already. I just need some way to decide what to wear :P

    • Well the way I do it; Just match my sneakers with my tee/jacket. I only have black or really dark jeans so they go well with pretty much anything. Just make sure the colours don't collide, accessories are important too. Like matching watches, maybe small leather bracelets (women go NUTS over guys with leather around their wrist for some reason). I just mix and match bright stuff overall. Maybe try some combination you never tried and see how it works out.