Spotty legs...?

So the shorts are coming out of the closet now that the weather is heating up where I live. I've noticed that a lot of girls have these dots on their legs, not freckles, but where the hair follicle is, and they stand out a lot especially in the sunlight. I think they're a bit unattractive since I do like looking at a nice pair of legs on other girls, so I'm wondering if anybody else has noticed this?

Guys, is this ever a turn-off or have you ever even noticed it?


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  • Yea, all it is are in-grown hairs. Exfoliation before and after shaving helps. Or even waiting for the hair to get long enough to wax. Usually having a bit of a tan helps to hide them, or at least make them appear lighter in comparison to the skin color.


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  • uhh chances are its an ingrown hair

    im not a guy , but I know I exfoliate a lot to prevent it because it almost looks like stubble.

  • Mostly girls with dark hair/ light skin have them (I know I do!) and it is really quite annoying... exfoliation helps, and sunless tanner is all that can really 'hide them' I suppose