What are the most attractive things women notice about guys?

I am not necessarily talking "looks" but what is it that women notice about men that really stand out and make them say "I want that guy"


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  • For me it would have to be that he makes me feel at ease. No I'm not attracted to every guy who makes me feel calm, but not every man has the ability to do that.

    It's more of a package than a one thing that makes me swoon type of thing. He has to be able to make me laugh, and do little things that just put a smile on my face. He also has to think I'm equally funny. One big thing I love is when after the get to know each other stage, when we've moved on to kissing cuddling and whatever else, when he kisses me in odd places, like the tip of my nose, forehead or shoulder, that just makes me feel special.


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  • When I feel like there is no one else in the room when I am with him and when I talk to him he actually looks me in the eye and holds my gaze, without looking at my boobs.. which is hard for a lot of guys around me apparently lol. Lastly I can laugh and talk with him for hours and not realize how long we have been talking .

  • his style


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