Hair-cut help or Hair-cut Hell?

So this is a bit of a naive guy question:

My girlfriend has been going on for sometime about wanting her hair to be done very nice at an expensive salon. Me, being the Disney style Prince that I am, have decided that for her birthday I could book and pay for her to get her hair done as a surprise. The only problem being: I have no idea what "Getting her hair done" actually means?

Does she want it cut, coloured, treated, washed, chipped, charred or dipped in chocolate. I don't want too ask her directly as it will give away the surprise. I was hoping maybe someone here could help a guy out. What should I ask for when booking and what kind of price range am I looking at?

Too narrow things down:
- She has long dyed dark red/brown hair at the moment.
- As far as I know she has no plans to change colours.
- She keeps the same general style which is straight and long, fringe swept to the left side.
- She enjoys late night talks and long walks on the beach.

Any guidance would be much appreciated and Thank you in advance.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Honestly dude, it could be the whole works. The easier option would be to book an appointment and tell them what is going on. It's your girlfriends birthday. Your treating her to get her hair done. So you just want to book for 1 and whatever she wants to do.

    Take her there, let her call you when she's done and you can go pick her up and pay for the bill. Good chance that she'd want to go out and show off her new hair do, so take her out.

  • Just get a salon gift certificate for like 500$ and drop her off there for a few hours. A girl getting her hair done could range from a trim and a blow dry to getting cornrows to getting a full on keratin treatment.
    Getting your hair done can be expensive.
    I'd suggest going on Groupon on the DL if you can manage it.

  • I cannot give you advice in regards to that. She is the only person who knows what they want in regards to their hair.


What Guys Said 1

  • Ask her best female friend, she will probably be the best bet to know what she wants.