Have you ever seen someone who was so incredibly sexy that you literally could not stop yourself from saying something like "holy fuck" to yourself?

Just had this experience yesterday in the gym. I'm just doing squats, I turn around and I see this woman and I literally said out loud "holy fuck." And I was like thinking in my head "oh shit, did I say that outloud?"

Then everytime I saw her I literally could not stop myself from saying "jesus" or "fuck" or something! Luckily she wasn't close enough to hear me and the gym was relatively empty. Maybe if there were more people I would have been more cautious about cursing so much lol.

But seriously, holy christ she was just... SO fucking perfect. Good GOD! lmao...


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  • Yeah, I went on a date once with a guy off the internet, he was fit in his photos but when we met in real life my jaw actually dropped, he was stunning! I just sat and stared at him, could barely talk to him! lol!

    We did end up kissing in the end, so yay for me! :)

    But in the end he was only after sex, so I turned him down. Shame really.


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  • Yeah, that has happened to me before. The female face and form can do that to you. You've got maintain your bearings though. lol


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  • For sexy, no
    For pretty, yeah!
    A couple of weeks ago I was at a gas station mart and literally the prettiest lady I've ever seen in my life walked in. I was gazing in awe.

  • That has happened to me a few times though I don't think I said anything out loud luckily.

  • No, but I've seen ladies that made my eyes widen and heart beat faster.