How do I make sure my hair stylist knows how important this is to me?

I would like to get my hair shorter. That's it. No change in texture, or style. No layers. Nothing fancy. I had gotten layers before and I noticed it changed the texture of my hair. I also dyed my hair a lot. I actually had completely shaved my hair off to get undamaged, new hair. I'm a girl and having to shave my hair off was not a fun experience.

My hair is long now. I want to get a haircut. But I am absolutely terrified of the texture or style changing. I don't want to dye my hair. I don't want any layers. I don't want a different style.

I simply want my hair shorter. That's it. How do I tell this to my hair stylist in a polite way? This is super important to me. I don't want to come off as rude or bossy, but this is super important to me. I'm not a hair stylist so I don't know if using a certain type of scissors to cut hair matters or not. So I don't want them to think this is not important and use like any scissors and not consider my wishes.


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  • The hairdresser usually prefers that the client is absolutely clear about what they want.


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  • Umm simply tell them that you only want them to shorten your hair. You don't want layers or a different style. I doubt you will come off as rude.