Girls, when going through my makeup bag, I've got so many diff products & brands. Can anyone recommend a system or combo of 2 systems to simplify?

Ladies, we've all got so many different makeups in our bags. They don't all play nice together well either. I remember growing up my mom using a system I think was called Clinique. It had everything she needed; foundation, concealer, blush, highlighters, eye shadows, etc.. Can anyone recommend a system of makeups that work well together? Or it can combine two systems. It gets crazy trying to keep track of what I need, what works well with what, etc.. I think we can all identify with that one way or another. Thanks!


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  • Most makeup up brands out there make everything now. Just go to Sephora to make sure. I would recommend picking out your favorite product and start there. For example, Bare Minerals has my favorite powders, and Tarte has my favorite eye liner and blush. Personally I like things from different brands so I can't reduce lol.

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      Going to a m/u pro is a good idea. From the few comments and speaking with g/f's I'm realizing that different manufacturers do different m/u components better than others.

      A m/u would probably be the best one to help me sort it out. What I can throw away and what I should add.

      Hopefully them I'll be a bit more organized with my m/u and I'll have what I need.

      The best part... Shopping for new girly stuff. What woman doesn't like that!!! :-)


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  • I love to buy things from different brands lol.
    Makeup forever is one of my favorites.
    I just started using eyeko eyeliner and it's amazing.
    And honestly Burts Bees is my favorite for mosturizers.

  • Well my favourite that I use daily: Mac prolong wear concealer in NC30-NC35, Urban Decay Naked Palette and the Mac mineralize skinfinish in Medium Plus.

    Mac is pretty good and so is Nars, Tarte, MakeupForever and Urban Decay.

  • I just wear foundation and powder, then lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara for everyday. For a night out I just add eyeliner and blusher, and maybe a more sparkly or darker eyeshadow.

    I think make up companies try to convince us it's more complicated than it is, because they want to sell more products, for example, I don't think you need different concealers for different areas of your face, but they'll try to tell us we do.