Why do girls look away from guys when they are passing each other?

Sometimes walking around on campus I will see a girl from a distance as we are walking towards each other and as she gets closer she looks off to the side. Does she think I'm ugly or good-looking and she doesn't want to stare?

Good answers everyone! So I take it that if they look straight ahead and ignore you all together means they aren't interested/don't find you attractive? But if they look off to the side, there might be some interest?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think boneless skeletal hit it on the head when he said " They do NOT want to appear too interested. (Yes, a guy will probably think you're interested if you stare at him.)"

    If the average woman looked ever guy in the eye when she was walking across campus she would never make it to class cause half of the guys would stop and talk to her! I mean seriously think about that. What would it be like if ever woman you walked by looked you in the eye? You would be thinking "Damn I'm glad I spent that extra $5 on these jeans cause I must be looking good today!"

    I look women strangers in the eye more than I do male strangers cause men really do take you looking them in the eye as a sign you are interested in them. Even if you are trying just to be friendly.

    Also, sometimes I do the look away thing when it's clear the guy and I have been looking at each other from a distance but when it's up close I make it clear I'm not interested by looking away. But I do also do it if I am looking at a good looking guy and I don't want him to know I was looking. So it's both sides of a coin for me. But I've never looked away cause I thought a guy was ugly or something.

    If you are interested in a specific girl, next time you walk by her smile, say hi, and keep moving. It means no pressure that it will turn into a 10 minute conversation and you made it OK for her to say hi or smile next time she sees you. I think any woman loves a friendly hello from a guy.