Why do girls look away from guys when they are passing each other?

Sometimes walking around on campus I will see a girl from a distance as we are walking towards each other and as she gets closer she looks off to the side. Does she think I'm ugly or good-looking and she doesn't want to stare?

Good answers everyone! So I take it that if they look straight ahead and ignore you all together means they aren't interested/don't find you attractive? But if they look off to the side, there might be some interest?


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  • I think boneless skeletal hit it on the head when he said " They do NOT want to appear too interested. (Yes, a guy will probably think you're interested if you stare at him.)"

    If the average woman looked ever guy in the eye when she was walking across campus she would never make it to class cause half of the guys would stop and talk to her! I mean seriously think about that. What would it be like if ever woman you walked by looked you in the eye? You would be thinking "Damn I'm glad I spent that extra $5 on these jeans cause I must be looking good today!"

    I look women strangers in the eye more than I do male strangers cause men really do take you looking them in the eye as a sign you are interested in them. Even if you are trying just to be friendly.

    Also, sometimes I do the look away thing when it's clear the guy and I have been looking at each other from a distance but when it's up close I make it clear I'm not interested by looking away. But I do also do it if I am looking at a good looking guy and I don't want him to know I was looking. So it's both sides of a coin for me. But I've never looked away cause I thought a guy was ugly or something.

    If you are interested in a specific girl, next time you walk by her smile, say hi, and keep moving. It means no pressure that it will turn into a 10 minute conversation and you made it OK for her to say hi or smile next time she sees you. I think any woman loves a friendly hello from a guy.


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  • In my experience, girls only look away if they're attracted and like the guy they're watching. Often it's because they don't want to stare or are just too shy. I often find myself doing this if I like the guy but I don't feel I know him well enough.

    • Is this really true for most girls? cool.

    • I get this a lot too, and to be honest am a little frustrated, because I never feel as though I can throw in a smile. ha

  • For me, when I look at someone (girl or guy) and notice that they look at me, I look away just because I'm not sure if they'll think I'm being rude and because in some cases with guys, the guy is attractive but I don't want them to know I was looking at them. haha.

    • Yes. That part about being rude is true for only some girls, but not all... You should just talk to her if you really want to find out. =P

    • Nah. I'm good. I was just saying that if I happen to catch someones eye I look away cause I don't want to be rude. doesn't mean I want to talk to that person.

  • Me, personally, when that happens, it's because I don't want to stare. The guy I like (and the guys I usually like) are almost always my really good guy friends. So, if they look at me, I'm okay to keep eye contact... Then again, it depends on the guy, etc. I'm also extremely shy, and even sometimes when the person I like looks at me in the halls, even though we're friends, I still won't look at them. Then again, I'm a strange, confusing person ^_^ haha

  • They only guys I look away from when I walk are the ones I think are hot and I look away because I don't want them to think I'm staring at them. If I don't think you're hot I could care less what you think when I walk by

  • sometimes if I c a guy I like or kinda like I ignore him on purpose (cuz I'm weird :P) I just don't wanna b real obvious if they look away its because theyr shy or don't want you to get the wrong idea or they like you it really just dependson the girl

  • girls do this to temp you to look at them and take interest in them which on the other hand means that THEY are interested in you and you MUST ask them out.it'll sure be success.


    they do this to show that they are not interested in you and that they are really cool.now,why do they do this? because they already have noticed you and if you go and talk to them it'll boost up their ego+u sure will get some cool chances to date them(if you like them).it'll also increase the chance of them growing fond of u.

    best of luck.

    for more help,u can add me and chat.

  • They're shy, they're afraid it might be considered rude or they don't want to look like they were too interested. I tend to look away too, it doesn't mean you're ugly, I guess a lot of girls are just uncomfortable with.

  • i always do it, no matter if I fancy the guy, just feel its a bit awkward. in fact I look away ESPECIALLY if I like the guy (very odd I know).

  • Personally I just feel weird making eye contact like that it feels stalker like to me I don't know why I guess I don't want the guy to know I was looking at him.

  • haha.. I do this to any and every guy I walk by at school, especially when I'm trekking long distance outside. It's just like a reflex. hotness or ugliness has nothing to do with it. I'm just a weirdo I think.. I just kind of feel like looking at a guy straight in the eyes as we're closing in on each others' space is like way too aggressive. Kind of like how you don't want to get really still and stare into a wild dogs eyes, or that awkward tension of wild-west gunslingers staring each other down waitin for the next moment... lol.

  • Depends, she could just be very nervous and don't want you to be freaked out by her looking at you :3 Or, she probably is nervous/scared of rejection.

  • It's a bit of a shy thing but also eye contact is rather intimate and if you do not personally know the girl she will look away. I know a thing like eye contact seems like something small but the eyes aren't called the window to the soul for no reason.

  • She's looking but doesn't want to make it obvious. Say hi to her next time or smile

  • a.she's shy

    b.she was looking past you

    c.she dose not want you to know she interested

  • i do the same thing with my crush!

    i'll look at him from a distance but as we get closer

    i pretend to be looking past him

    she has feelings for you...but she doesn't want you to know

    how approachable do you make yourself?

  • Some girls are shy and a bit nervous to look directly at a guy, because there self confident or they don't know what to do so all they can think about is to look away. They also might think your to cute to even think about looking at them so they look away.

  • its not a bad thing at all! I'm shy so I always do it with any guy...theres an old saying about it too something about 'dropping ur gaze in front of a noble man' I don't know lol but it can be several reasons, he can be strikingly hot and cute and id nervously look down and blush because if I look directly at him itll be weird and awkward and he might find me creepy or even just be turned off...or I just don't know him and its hard to be intimate like that with a stranger...its also about if you don't really see a possible future with them, especially after walking by them just that one time, then there's no energy or point in giving the eyes is there? only if you see that person around then its a good start to begin the flirting...but otherwise its just a proper/ladylike/polite/shy behavioral characteristic really.

  • sometimes I look away if I think the guy is cute and I'm shy...other times I will kind of look away if I don't want to be talked to

  • from experience like me orany other girls I've spoken to we are more likely to look away if we like the guy. I do this when I don't know them well enough and I'm pretty shy too

  • Yes its a shy thing. I'm shy and do it with both men and women. Id like to look up at everyone and just give them a big smile, but alas, I cant.


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  • Funny thing is, this happens to guys too!

    I've seen many a nice looking girl in my life, and whenever I saw someone I felt attracted to, I always found myself looking away from them whenever she got near me! I think it was probably because I was afraid my retina would get fried seeing her up close lol

  • From the girls' comments below I understand:

    a) It is rude to stare.

    b) They are shy.

    c) They do NOT want to appear too interested. (Yes, a guy will probably think you're interested if you stare at him.)

    d) They think the guy is hot and they ARE interested but nervous.

    In other words, they almost always avoid eye contact with strangers, whatever the reason.

    • Yeah agree,but,

      1-they 100% always avoid eye contact with the guy they think is hot.

      2-they stare at him(the hot guy) from a distance which they don't do to strangers.i.e. they don't look at the strangers even from a distance.thats the difference.

      get it?

    • Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks.

    • 1mo

      So do they avoid eye contact on purpose all the time or because they're nervous.

  • Dude I've had this thought many times...I for one believe that it's an in built fear. Basically if you're a normal guy (decent size) she'll no doubt be somewhat awed by your presence. It isn't because you're ugly or ungood looking haha. At that moment she thinks nothing of you, good or bad.

    • I have to agree here. Sometimes, yeah. It'll be because I think theyre cute, but 99% of the time, it's exactly what you said... "At that moment she thinks nothing of you, good or bad."

  • great question asked.. I wonder the exact same thing to almost everyday I walk around my college campus. I asked one of my friends the same question and they said it could either be they find you attractive or find you intimidating

  • good question and interesting answers. like boneless skeleton summed up, they pretty much ALWAYS look away regardless of what is going through their head. the question would be, what would the female prefer for the male to do? look away as well? or keep eye contact for a bit long and maybe smile?