Tips For Warped Tour?

It's my first time going this year ( I know it's like 3 months away) but I'd really like to know about what I should be ready for and what I should bring for Warped Tour. Just a few tips or warnings or something?

My friends and I are really pumped and I already heard that you need to bring a draw sting bag, sunscreen (and wear it too), water, and extra clothes.

Thanks for your answers :)


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  • I don't know how hot it will be where you are going, Canada? But I went in Arizona, in the middle of summer and it was seriously about 115 degrees, and the stages were set up on a parking lot. So it was extremely hot, and there was almost no shade. So bring a lot of water if you can and definitely some clothes to keep the sun off you. The other thing is probably to look at the schedule and plan out what bands you want to see, and what stages bands are playing at. I ended up missing some bands I wanted to see because they were playing at the same time, or I couldn't get to the other stage fast enough. Honestly it wasn't that great for me, but that was mostly because I wasn't interested in most of the bands there. The only reason I went was because a friend was friends with the head of security and we got in for free. It was so hot we only stayed for maybe 3 hours before we couldn't take it anymore, and missed all the headliners. Then we had to drive the hour home in my car when the AC was broken.


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  • YES, bring a bag, sunscreen, water (if they'll let you bring it in. last year in Colorado they were confiscating them), a pair of extra clothes if yours get too dirty or torn up, wear shoes if you don't want your toes to get stepped on! and Sunglasses depending on the day..

  • No need for warnings. It's a very mellow tour.


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