What is your saying on...

An eye for an eye..

I hear these different versions going around.

what's yours?...and please explain it:)


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  • The whole "an eye for an eye"-philosophy tends to escalate situations. It's rather unproductive, although I can see why a victim might embrace it.


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  • An eye for an eye is a term generally associated with retribution based justice, aka vengeance. If someone harms you, harm them back. However, this can lead to cycles of violence, where people just keep getting back at each other. As Ghandi put it "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind". While retribution can be tempting to someone who has been wronged, in the end it is rarely worth it, as it is never as fulfilling as people imagine it will be, and it also only leads to more trouble.

  • ghandi said it best: an eye for an eye leaves the both blind.

    nothing... and I mean nothing... is worth the hassle of it all. if they truly hurt you, then they're no longer worth your time. in my case, they burn the bridge? then I don't wanna be on their side of the river anyway.

    so, move on, is the best advice I can give to those who want to know about this saying.

    • Exactly. American History X is a good illustration of this sort of thinking.

  • It's nothing more than a cynical, pathological expression of disdain for a person or philosophy.


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  • I think it's stupid. revenge never solves anything. it just makes a bad situation even worse. why create more break ache than necessary?