Dressing up for Halloween. Am I the only one that doesn't understand why do this?

I get that people dress up for Halloween because it is traditional. But a lot of these people don't really follow other traditions. Why this in particular?

I see girls dressing up as rabbits and cats and guys going full body paint, otherwise naked.

I just don't understand the whole dress up thing


What Girls Said 2

  • Because it's fun! I love to dress up. I like getting into a new character. It just spices up life a little bit. Even if it's the same old kitty or bunny (as I was this year) it's just fun to dress up as something that's different from how things usually are.
    Personally I find costume parties the most fun to be honest. Especially when everyone is contributing to it, adds a whole new level of playfulness to it all.

  • It originally started as people dressing up as skeletons or ghost like things to once a year scare away demons and restless spirits. Since then it has turned it a celebration with candy and spooky haunted houses or movies, people enjoy being scared. Many people dress up because it is simply fun to once a year not be judged to dress up like a rabbit or a cat or whatever you choose and party or trick or treat.


What Guys Said 1

  • I reckon it is just a bit of escapist fun. I suppose whatever is "Popular" takes off