I feel unattractive lately. Is that normal?

I used to think I was a beautiful Indian girl.

My crush was being a jerk to me, acting like I was some kind of weirdo or something. I don't know why, I think I hurt his ego.

Now I just feel weird. I have no real incentive to look good. I used to like fashion and clothing etc. but being unemployed I'm not even sure I have a real place to wear all those beautiful things to.


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  • Totally normal. Everyone feel a little insecure about themselves sometime. Pick yourself up and get back out there!


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  • Honey, we all have our days where we feel terrible. I just went through mine a few days? Weeks ago? The point is, you do not deserve to feel this way and seriously, your crush is a massive egoistical jerk if he treats you like that. Frankly, he just isn't worth your time.

    What YOU need is to call up your girlfriends and spend time together. Laugh, cry, eat a tub full of ice cream in front of the television while watching shows like "The Other Woman", "The Duff" or any sitcome, romcom or drama you like that's empowering.

    Once that's done, haul yourself out of bed and start pampering yourself and looking good. Dress up and go for a girls' night out. Get manicure and pedicure (if it's allowed I'm not really sure what's acceptable in your culture), go for facial, buy clothes. And then start looking for a job.

    When you look good, you feel good. Eat well, exercise, treat yourself well. Who cares about your crush, he's just a complete arse that doesn't know better. YOU ARE BRILLIANT. So put on some attitude and show the world precisely how beautiful you are. You are a strong independent woman in this modern day community. You don't need a man's validation. You just need your OWN self to validate you. <3


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  • You just need to get started again, get another job or get out to socialize another way, you need to get with some other people, get some fresh air

  • Jesus your such a downer, how about you hang out with friends? Family? Do a morning thing, or get one of your favorite treats, stop being a baby

    • I don't have any. Yeah I try to hang out with family but you know. They are doing their own thing.

      I'm not being a baby, I just feel weird.

    • Well its not even weird, its just loneliness, your pinning problems on your body an its crushing any soruce of confidence you had, but thats a personal problem that you need to fix through a simple change of perspective and attitude.

  • You're beautiful and unique in your own way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • U Indian? That red Indian or Asian Indian... I mean like me?


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