Guys, how would you act or react if you see a beautiful girl walking by you every day?

do you feel intimidated by her?or would you actually chase her? specially if the first time you tried to get her attention she ignored you? also would you think about her throughout the day?


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  • it really depends on the guy.. I know for me I am shy and would be intimated because of how beautiful she looked and that she is out of my league. Depending on the situation why, If she ignored me the time I tried to get her attention I would honestly lose a little interest because she is playing hard to get and I don't like when girls play hard to get. For other guys who are confident and up to the challenge they would chase after her and try talking to her anyway they can.

    I would definitely think about why she ignored me when I was trying to get her attention throughout the day


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  • Depends. If I've never talked to her then I wouldn't feel intimidated but just really nervous about approaching her. I wouldn't chase her if I've never talked to her though. And if she ignored me, I would think nothing of it and try to get her attention again if I liked her. I never think about a girl throughout the day unless I've talked with her and grown to like her all around.

  • I would try to catch her eye and smile at her to see if she smiles back. If she does, then I would try to work out some way to get to talk to her and get to know her. Optimally, I'd go for a date, but being friends would be perfectly acceptable as well.


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