Girls, why did my date wear this?

I was on a date with this girl and she was adjusting her socks under her boots and noticed she had on black leggings (?) under her jeans. When she rolled up her sleeves on her sweater she also had a black layer underneath. Could they be thermals? It's not even cold out... I'm confused.


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  • Two thoughts...


    Is she slim?

    I'm naturally built like a handrail. Even after 3 natural childbirths, I'm still in the "underweight" zone of the BMI scale, as per the US government (although a nice big bowl of beef stew and a tall drink can push me into the "normal weight" zone for a few hours... lol).
    I also get cold INSANELY easily. My *ideal* weather is a July day in Las Vegas, like 105-110ºF/40-44ºC. If it's below 60ºF/15ºC, I start wearing not just layers, but also elbow-length leather gloves. (My friends think I'm being effortlessly stylish -- which is a nice compliment -- but, the truth is, I won't be able to feel my hands after about 10 minutes if I don't wear the gloves.)

    I'm an extreme -- I'm also over 6 feet tall, so, my body is pretty much custom-built to dissipate heat as fast as humanly possible -- but, you get my point, right: Slim women get cold VERY easily. Lots of surface area, relatively little volume, you do the math.

    Even if she isn't super slender... Women are still **physiologically inclined** to get cold more easily than men. That is explained here:
    ... But if she's super slim, that will be exaggerated even more than normal.



    Was she wearing NICE jeans? Like, *really* nice jeans? That cost triple digit dollars?

    See, the thing with NICE denim is... You don't *wash* it, EVER. The closest you get is... putting it in the freezer.
    Yes, you read that right. No, I'm not shitting you.
    Check it...

    When I wear REALLY NICE denim... I'll usually wear leggings under it, for two different reasons.
    • The leggings -- which can be washed easily -- will acquire my lovely womanly smells. The jeans will be spared those smells.
    • If they're tight skinnys, it's WAY easier to pull them up over a slick pair of leggings. No more dancing and wiggling my hips like an epileptic Shakira, I can just pull 'em on.

    If girlfriend is a true fashionista, this could be part of the reason, too. (And even if not, you just learned the correct way to wash really, really nice jeans.)

    • Wow what a thoughtful answer, thank you! I honestly can't tell if her jeans were super expensive, I'm not that into fashion. Now I do have you ask you, if you feel cold in 60 degree weather, what kind of clothes do you wear in the middle of winter? I'm genuinely curious!

    • Yw.

      By the grace of God I live in Los Angeles, so, "the middle of winter" is still well over 60ºF.

      I've spent 3-4 years in reasonably cold-weather cities (Tokyo and Milan) and 1 year in a VERY cold-weather city (Montréal).
      Tbh, just about any temperature below 40-50ºF is basically the same to me. I just wear normal clothes, with some sort of thermal leggings underneath, and a nice big puffer jacket or a fur coat.
      (The fur coat was a gift from the mother of a Russian girl who was my roommate in Milan. She was from Novosibirsk -- in Siberia -- so, they're not fucking around when it comes to fur coats there. I still have that coat now, 20 years later, in case I ever need to travel somewhere that's seriously cold in the winter.)

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  • Maybe she's a vampire, man!

    • Vampires wear multiple layers of clothing?

    • Protect them against the sun, MAN!


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  • 15 degrees? That's freezing, of double layer as well if we sat outside

    • 15 degrees freezing? Lol

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    • Really? I'm learning something today, maybe it's a girl thing! So you would wear a layer under your jeans in 15 degree weather?

    • Either thin tights or knee high socks. Especially if it's skinny jeans, because they're so stretchy the fabric is really thin.
      And I'm just a cold frog

  • She was just cold lol some of us get cold fast, plus it's November soo

    • seems like everyone here says she was cold, but it wasn't actually that cold out, it was 60 degrees (15C)... would you wear double layers in that weather?

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    • lol... but double layers cold?

    • @ asker: why not double layer?
      I often wear layers in hot summer. I just love the feeling of warm clothes.

  • Maybe she just feels the cold more

    • It was night, but it was like 60 degrees? At least.

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    • Have you ever worn two layers on your legs though? On a date? Something seems strange no?

    • If I was cold I would. I don't think you understand how thin women's clothing is

  • Lol, she's cold. Some of us can get cold pretty fast, 15 is cold to me. Its 19 here and I'm feeling cold since the morning XD

    • Wow! I didn't know it could be so different. Do you wear a layer under your jeans in 15 degree weather too?

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    • I'm sorry I couldn't understand what you wrote lol :P

    • I swear I wasn't talking in Chinese XD

      to sum it up, yes sometimes I do wear double layers 😂

  • You may not feel cold but she might

    • Would you feel cold in temp over 60 degrees? I'm not sure that's possible!

    • Some people are naturally cold. Either that or she feels more comfortable. covered up completely

  • cooold
    I am always cold blame it on my low vitamins DX

    • Lol... but do you dress with layers at that temp? Like a layer *under* your jeans?

  • She was cold.

  • She was feeling cold.

    • I'm not sure that's possible, it was over 60 degrees and we were inside getting food/coffee...

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  • It is amazing how some girls feel the cold

  • It is 6 degree where I live and I am with short sleeve T shirt, no fuck given. I was raised in a city where -15 degree Celsius was normal

  • Maybe she loves warm clothes just like me ;-)

  • Could be black tights

    • Girls do get cold easier