Chatting up the hot guy at the front desk?

So at the gym there is this guy who sometimes works the front desk. He's really cute and is of course always nice to me. He seems a little flustered and smiley when I talk to him. But I want to talk to him more, and flirt. I've asked him about the tattoos on his arm. I always say hi to him. Is there anything I can do to talk to him more?


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  • I think you had a really good conversation starter there with the tattoos keep doing things like that and I think amatuer zombie is right you should ask how you look so he's kinda confused and answers honestly with how he feels then when he says that I think there's a moment of advantage for you when he's so busy thinking about that question that you could ask something deeper like would you like to go out? Without it being awkward or too random, wish the best of luck

  • maybe ask him for gym tips,or probably how you look


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