Girls, do some women crave attention so much that they deliberately dress scantily?

I attend conventions where there are cosplayers (people who dress up in fictional characters) and by far the most common theme for the women is to show lots of skin, as much of the breasts as legally allowed by convention rules and with such skin tight clothing so to make the bum and breasts bulge out of the costume as much as possible.

There are many many female characters in fiction to choose from, the vast majority clothed normally and/or conservatively, but many women deliberately choose characters in fiction that wear next to no clothing and leave little to the imagination.

Some fictional characters chosen by these girls, have many costumes but they choose the one costume that the character wears, with the least clothing.

One of the perfect examples of this, is a character who never wears anything but normal clothing, but the cosplayer will find the rare concept art where the character has very little clothing. Or worse, they will alter the character's clothing - for example a warrior's armour, but cutting into that armour above and below the breast and waist deliberately to show lots of skin that the armour normally covers, even if the character never did the same.


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  • even if i had the body for it, i wouldn't do it. with that being said, i have no idea why some women take a nice covered costume of a cosplay character and turn it into some weird sexual cosplay outfit, it ruins the theme for me. its funny because when you don't want something sexualized, you complain, but when something isn't sexualized, you sexualize it, show so much skin till its not even a costume anymore. i feel the exact same way about women who dress up for Halloween...


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  • Some girls do want to dress more provocatively to entice men. If you got a sexy body why not show it off? I'd be an exhibtionist everyday. Nothing wrong with being nude. If you have the body and you look good wearing clothes that accentuate your curves i dont see what the big deal is

  • No we all wana look as good as we can and sometimes a figure hugging dress or a tight skirt is called for!!

  • It's just how she sees the character... she is trying to look hott even in COS play, it's more for her then it is for any guy but yeah I guess it never hurts to feel like guys are interested. I mean think abotu it forever guys could have sex with whoever they could talk into but girls couldn't unless they wanted a bad reuatation... you got to get yours soemwhere so attention became the single girls sex. It makes you feel more empowered, just like casual sex will make men feel empowered... neither one really does anything except make you feel better abotu yourself which may be a good thing. Some woman dress up literally just to compete with other women and it has nothing to do with guys-lol. It really just depends. there are so many possibilities.