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Do girls like guys with long hair?

I seem to have longish, medium sized hair and I was wondering if girls like long hair on guys.

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  • Long hair on guys makes even some uglier dudes seem more attractive (if their hair is well kept xD) ... Hahaha

    Now...I adore long hair on men. It makes them look more manly (ad least I think so). Dreadlocks, just normal long straight hair, a little shorter (shoulder length) curly hair {:YUM:}, wavy past the shoulder blades hair {too sexy}, BUT well kept hair, regular washing, shampoo AND conditioner, perhaps a hair mask for further nourishment of the hair strands...

    I know it seems like I'm overreacting, but trust me, I have had long hair for a loooooong time (to my butt), and if you don't take good care of it it will turn into split ends and it will look miserable!

    My last boyfriend used all of these products /*fructis*/, and his hair was just as beautiful and shiny as mine hahaha xD -although his was a bit shorter than mine-

    - link

    - link

    - link (very healthy hair :)

    - link

    - link

    (I think you'll catch my drift after these pics :)

    In a nutshell, long hair is beautiful, as long as you take good care of it! =)

What Girls Said 40

  • I like long hair on guys if 1) it suits them, and 2) they take care of it (keep it clean, brushed, and get it trimmed every now and then).

  • i LOVE long hair...but it must must must be well kept.

  • I don't.

  • depends on how long- usually I don't like it past the shoulders, but there are exceptions. Anything shorter can be cute/sexy!

  • I think a lot of girls like guys with long hair. They like something to run their hands through or something. Personally, I don't like it. I prefer my guys to have short hair. So it's just personal preference, but currently, I think the scales are tipped for longer hair.

  • yess.. long hair is the best!:)

  • Yes sure it depends of the guy too


  • Only if it goes with you. Like I prefer a guy that looks good in a suit. So if you're one of those guys you're alright with me. No skater boy long hair; hair that touches the back, or hulk hogan, no hair that has a bandanna that goes across it like Mike Starr from Celebrity Rehab - non of that. All VERY unattractive.

  • It really depends on the hair cut and if it suits your face... But yes, I like long hair too :)

  • long strait dark hair


  • i love it. :]

  • hmmm I prefer short... :) but if a guy can pull it off.. then one can be persuaded to make an exception!

  • I like long hair. It doesn't suit everyone, but I find it attractive.

  • It depends on how long it is... I'll say if it's past your jawline, then no. But I'm not every girl either.

  • Yes yes yes

  • long hair is best---in my opinion .

  • Long hair on guys is so attractive for me!

  • long hair on guys is pretty much my biggest turn on...so yes, haha.

  • YES :D I do x

  • it depends really.

    like for me, those hippy kinda long hair that reaches your shoulder is a NO-NO, but if its like those kind that you see those guys in those boybands have, then its pretty hot.

  • Hell yeahh they do! lol

    Well I do... most of my homegurls don't

    i guess it jst depends on the girls type

  • yeah but you gotta know how to work it

  • Depends on a couple of things

    A. How long his hair is

    B. What ethnicity you are

    Man this is a tough question. For me personally, I find it a turn off. I have long hair and prize it. To think of a guy worrying about his... sorry for the double standard but that's how I feel. I do like hair that I can run fingers through.

    I would consider too long being that the guy will from day to day put it in a pony tail. NO.

    And I think there is a bit of a difference of ethnicity. I mean, if you are Native American, I kind of like it. But you are a large bodied, white male... it doesn't feel so right.

    Also, there is a difference with deadlocks. But that' personally not in my taste either, but more acceptable than flowing long hair.

    Hope this helps!

  • longer hair- DEPENDS, really emo girls love boys with long hair.

    other girls likes a different hair style. som hates boys with long hair. it depends.((:

  • i don't really mind :). I reckon it depends on the person. so if you think it looks good on you then it'll be alright. But it you don't take good care of it, like not brushing...then they probably won't like it.

  • Personally I don't like it if it's really long, but it depends on the person.

  • I don't really like it, unless it suits the guy VERY well. Personal preference though, not everyone will dislike it.

  • i like long hair

  • haha surfer/skater dude hair is adorable :D

    • I'm a surfer and I don't have long hair. My hair goes into a afro if I don't cut it.

  • It looks ok if you have dred-locks or cornrows, but this : link is a no-no!

    • Well I'm not black so I don't have dread locks

    • Uh I thought ONLY blacks got dread locks. that picture looked fagish

    • The picture was meant to look "fagish" that is what I was saying not to have/get. And black people are not only people who can have dread locks, I know many people who are not black and can "pull off" dread locks

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What Guys Said 3

  • I had long hair once, and many girls told me that they liked my hair, without me even asking. The in-between phase was terrible, and it required regular high-maintenance (especially since my hair curled), but other than that I only met one guy that told me he did not like it.

    So yes, go for it!

  • In my perspective I have long hair some girls like it and some girls just want me shave it off. But I like it cause of my braids and sometime cornrows.

  • I have always had short(buzz cut) hairstyle. I am finally letting it grow long up to the shoulder area. Right now it is in the "stupid" stage. But even in this stage I am getting a hell of a lot more attention from girls then I did when my hair was short. Many women told me to take care of your long hair and it depends on how it looks on you. But it has changed my view so far and for the better. Good luck.

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