Ladies with long hair help!!!!!!!

hey I cut my hair which was the stupidest thing in the world. I have very fine hair but a lot of volume and it just looks stupid. it also got pin straight when I used to have nice waves... I do not want to wait any longer but I guess I have too! it grew from my chin to my shoulders and it has taken forever. how do I make my hair grow faster as well as thicker possibly? I just want long healthy hair thanks!


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  • stay away from heat as much as you can. I made the same mistake and my hair is still growing. I straighten it on a daily basis unless I'm bumming around. be very delicate with your hair. I went without straightening my hair for a while and it got soo healthy and it actually grew quite a bit. good luck!

  • i think if you take vitamins, it will help it grow longer, and there might be a shampoo or pill or something that you can use. I would go to a beauty supply store or something.