Why do guys like long hair?

I have a friend who had long hair, but she cut it off and it actually made her look so much cuter than before, but her boyfriend basically broke up with her because of it. Lol So my question is why long over short? what is too long? what is too short? curly, straight, or wavy and why?


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  • I think the whole deal with short hair is that it's girl pretty... just like rompers, over sized sunglasses and gladiator sandals. Us girls usually love those and think they are totally gorgeous, but guys hate them. There is a difference between girl pretty and guy pretty.


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  • Most girls have long hair, and I am guessing that part of it has to do with the history of humans. Girls were meant to have long hair, and guys are meant to have short hair. It has passed on from generation to generation. Most guys do like long hair and that might be part of the reason. But like people always say, everyone is different. Some like it long, some like it short. He might not have liked her new hairstyle.

    • I don't know where you are getting this logic from. As far as I can recall until recently, in Asia is was typical for both sexes to have long hair. In old England, I believe men had medium length also. So maybe it's a difference of times and region?

    • Its not me! its her boyfriend and like, every guy I've ever talked to lol.

  • I actually love girls with shorter hair, I never used to. But I used to like this girl a lot and she had long hair, she was asking me for suggestions on her hair, said she wanted it shorter, I wasn't entirely sure, she showed me a picture and I said I liked it (even though it was a tongue in cheek thing) she only went out and got the haircut! She told me over MSN and I instantly thought to myself :S. And she went on webcam, I was like, holy crap that's actually hot! lol I don't know it just really suited her, moreso than her long her. Odd. (:

  • 'So much cuter..." is a female perspective. Straight hair is most preferable and it should cover her entire back at the minimum. Having it fall over over me while doing cowgirl is very erotic.

  • Long is classic female hair. Shorter hair is more for the flapper girls of the early 1900's. The short hair symbolized women that dressed skimpier and acted more like men. I would rather date a girl with the classic long hair than short hair that symbolizes all those things.

    Would you date a guy with hair longer than yours?

    Too long is past mid back. Too short is above shoulders. Curly straight or wavy doesn't matter as long as it isn't too curly or too thin when straight.

  • I like a practical girl, so short hair is a plus. They get ready a lot quicker. Actually I favor black girls, and it irks me that so many young black girls feel a need to spend a ton of money and time on fancy do's, weaves and all that (btw, at my age young means under 50). Short nappy-natural hair is a plus for me, I hope it comes back in style soon. Other races are good in short hair too. No hair at all is OK with me. The time you would have spent on all that hair would be better spent doing something fun or useful.

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  • I do not think it has anything to do with fertility and health, haha. Hair is dead cells like fingernails and dead skin. I have known health nuts with short hair and drug addicts with super long hair, so a clue to someones health and fertility, I think not. My boyfriend has very long hair, rocker look, and I have a cute chin lenth bob which is very fashion forward right now. Hair has nothing to do with gender roles or attractivness. There are hot guys with long and short, and hot women with long and short hair. Short hair is more edgy, and long hair is often plain Jane, not "different" depending on how you style it. Edgy, modern, rocker chicks look hot with a ( good style ) shorter hair cut and many guys find it extreamly HOT! It's all about how your style compliments your face, male and female. All face shapes look different with different styles, not all faces are flattering with long, or short, and trust me, it's All About the Cut. You wanna be hot? Go see a good Hair Dresser! They will know what will flatter your particular face shape and give you a great cut accordingly, if it makes you look less hot, then don't see them again. My best advice, before taking drastic measures with your hair, do some research and if you see a girlfriend with a super cute cut that makes her look smokin', ask her where she got it done and the phone #... but on the other hand, a guy who would dump a woman over something as superficial as hair, is not a keeper, nor in love, maybe they have some odd hair fetish. My man would be by my side and tell me I was beautiful if I had chemotherapy and went completely bald. No worries honey. Ur not missing anything with that loser. Take a deep sigh of relief that he showed his true colors and left before y'all had kids and you were stuck with a caveman. " me woman have long hair to drag her around, oaf oaf!"

  • wow her boyfriend sounds shallow. it's because guys are mostly visual unfortunately, there are a few who have substance but the majority, I'd say 2/3 just care about what's on the outside, appearance and care nothing about what a girl is like inside, and the rare 1/3 of all guys actually care more than just about hair, make up etc. but it's rare.

    • Ur going off topic here. ur calling men shallow (which we arent). and you're not answering the specific question of why do men like longer hair?

    • I actually think she's right. And if what she is saying doesn't apply to you, then OMG you are a rare creature indeed.

  • I hope guys like longer hair because mines to my hips! And I'm NEVER going to cut it! Lol

    • 23d


      Wow!! When you have a boyfriend, he will be very lucky!!

      You love guys with their hair shaved and you'll never cut your hair means that your boyfriend will have no option than having his hair much shorter than yours. And that's one of my biggest turn ons!!

  • Longer hair because it's more girlie. (like me lol)

    But um.. Everybody has there own likes and dislikes. so if I have you a length it'll be just an

    opinion. If I liked it and you cut your hair that way someone else might not like it.

  • I have very long straight hair and have noticed that more guys will come up to me and comment on my hair than any other feature. Honestly, I do have just as many women who will complement my hair - I've had more than one conversation about it in the ladies room. Long hair may not always be the current trendy style but it is pretty especially if it looks touchable.

    Men are visual and long hair stands out and as others have said its very feminine in our culture. I also find that when I date a man they like to play with my hair - its sensual but not sexual and 99% of the time its the first place a man ever tries to touch me. I'll never cut my hair and most men I have dated would have been very dissapointed if I did. My ex used to jokingly say that was grounds for divorce.

    • I'm in the exact same boat as you. I have naturally blond wavy hair down to the small of my back and its usually the first thing people of both sexes comment on. Long hair is classic, I feel like you really can't go wrong (unless its past your butt, that's too far).

      I too have been threatened if I cut my hair hahaha some very creative threats.

    • 23d

      @freebird93 That's lovely.


      If a long haired girl likes buzz cuts on guys she is extra attractive for me, because liking guys to look so different than her, makes her more feminine.

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