Makeup or hair ideas that would look nice with my dress?

Hi so my leavers dinner and formal is coming up and I have my dress but I have no idea what hair and makeup styles would suit both me and the dress. Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated :) makeup or hair ideas that would look nice with my dress?


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  • Hair down for me because i'm a sucker for long hair. Also wavy not necessarily curly but some waves. I like the summer looks but you have the dress so add some jewellery but not too much simple with a bracelet. I find silver looks better than gold all the time. Don't overthink it i'm sure you'll look besutiful. Enjoy your day.


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  • I'd go with neutral tones or play of your eye color. Which if they are hazel will take in the green and the neutral brownish shades. I'd go with a matt lipstick and nail polish.

    • Great thanks :) my eyes are blue so would you still suggest those colours

    • It depends on if you want to go with jeweled night colors in sort of a peacock pallet. If it's daytime I'd go with the neutrals as your more likely doing work or more mellow stuff than hanging at a nightclub.

    • Ok, thanks for all the help!


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  • Your hair in a ballet bun?
    Neutrals for makeup. Maybe throw in some gold and bronze.

  • I'm not good in makeup so for the hair i'd pull my hair up if that's my dress.