Best facial feature?

I don't know what my best facial feature is. ><; I've never actually gotten compliments on just one of my facial features before, either. I never was told "Oh, you have pretty eyes!" or "I love your lips!" or any of those things that most people are told. I'm usually just told I'm pretty, which I am grateful for, but I don't know what my one distinguishing feature is... :/ Can anyone help me figure out mine? And what is your best facial feature? :)

Everyone's kind of divided with their answers! Lols! But thank you, guys. :)
Well, it looks like most people said eyes, so, eyes it is! Thank you for your help, everyone!


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  • Well in a nutshell I'm a total facial person and your face lights up all my attractive buttons, haha. But if I had to pick one, I'd say eyes.

    I'd say my best is my smile, I do it too often.


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  • Your eyes are very piercing, your lips are full and inviting and your cheeks are rather prominent and look quite pinchable XD Also not necessarily a facial feature alone but I love your skin tone >.> Sorry those things all draw my attention, not one more than the other really so I didn't just pick one=P

    • Sorry I didn't help that either, I was quite conflicted with myself even=P You're gorgeous just take the compliment Ms Desirae XD =P

    • Lols! It's alright. :) And thank you. xD

    • You're welcome =)

  • Your eyes and smile. I've got it with the eyes-

    • Thank you for answering. ^_^ And eyes as your best feature is a great thing. They are the windows to your soul, as they say.

  • Your eyes.

  • Your lips!


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