Red lipstick hot . . . or not (in a formal situation)

I have a fairly formal occasion that I am attending soon (champagne colored floor length dress and all). For the occasion I was thinking of rocking the retro red lips look (with minimal other make up of course and soft loose curls). I think my complexion and hair color work fairly well with it but . . .

. . . the question is this: I know that a lot of women find this look appealing for their own purposes, but how do guys feel about it?


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  • When I have done that look I have got a lot of compliments from guys and notice them checking me out more. I think a lot of guys like sexy red lips. But of course some of them wouldn't like it, you can't please everyone.


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  • if it looks good I don't think any guys would be like "oh I would talk to her if it wasn't for those red lips!"